Individual Therapy

Each individual has a story worth telling—and hearing. When we understand where we have come from, we are better equipped to face where we are going.

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Individual counselling provides an opportunity to connect one on one with a trained counsellors in Barrie who can design a treatment specifically targeted to help you achieve your goals.

We can choose to make personal growth at any point in our lives. Sometimes it is the result of situations that are beyond our immediate control. This can be due to death, illness or a change in life circumstances. Whenever we are presented with a difficulty we are also given a chance to respond based on our own values.

When we actively engage in an examination of our character and can acknowledge both our strengths and our weaknesses we are able to address the changes we need to make in order to function more effectively. Issues that are unresolved tend to resurface again and again. By addressing and resolving specific problems through individual counselling, making decisions, coping with crisis, developing personal insights and knowledge becomes intuitively known.

Working through feelings of inner conflict improves relationships with others. Addressing your concerns with a supportive counsellor that is able to acknowledge your struggle, can assist you to accept what has happened and move forward. We learn to give ourselves the unconditional love that we seek from others.

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Our mind, body and spirit (from the Latin for breathe) are different aspects of our self that work most effectively when in harmony with each other. Our bodies can communicate important information if we can pay attention to how they respond to people and our surroundings. How we think effects how we feel, how we feel affects how we behave.

Often people get this mixed up and mistakenly believe that our emotional state is caused by others. Listening to our bodies when we are excited allows us to change our brain’s responses. Learning how to breathe when in distress and understanding how our brains and bodies work gives us personal autonomy.

We gain custody of our mind and body from an equation E+R=O Event + Response = Outcome. Once we understand what is occurring inside ourselves we gain the opportunity to respond appropriately to what is happening in our external world. We can achieve the results we desire.

Understanding our past and being able to tell our story as a coherent narrative allows us to live authentically and successfully in the present.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or having trouble coping, please contact us for individual counselling. You deserve peace, contentment, and a sense of purpose and meaning.

Make a Fresh Start

If you were to start over today, how would you do things differently? This is a big question, but give it serious consideration. No matter how you would answer, start doing it today.

Be Courageous

Reaching out for help takes courage—and trust—often at the most vulnerable times in life. Balanced Life Therapy is here to help you take that first step. We offer a simple form to help you get started.

Invest In Yourself

We invest in many things to enhance our lives, but often we forget to invest in ourselves so we can really enjoy it. You can have everything you want in life and still feel
unhappy and unfulfilled.

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